Internship Journal 3

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid (CMS), a branch of the federal government, submitted a call for proposals for sharing medical images through a patient-controlled exchange system. EMR Technical Solutions has conceptualized the implementation of this process. In order to assist in the visual presentation of the grant proposal to CMS, I was given the responsibility to create illustrations to help convey the points made in the proposal. I studied the “Statement of Work” document provided by CMS to gain an understanding of their language in requesting proposals for contractors to design, develop and launch the patient-centered imaging exchange systems.
I was given an account for PuTTY, a Linux shell environment where I will be creating the MySQL database for the Edmond Bahá’í Faith member website. This was provided by a company colleague in California. I logged onto this shell environment and experimented with Linux commands to begin the process of working with files and how they are organized in that environment.
I edited the EMR User’s Groups narrative for its display on the calendar at the (div). I installed XAMPP and with the help of my supervisor, installed Drupal on the Bahá’í center desktop computer.
I continued working on the bookstore project database. In working with my supervisor, I added additional tables to indicate courses that members have taken: Ruhi Institute study circle curriculum courses. There are eight in total. And this portion of the database will track these courses. MS Access allows one to input database tables and their relationships for illustrative purposes. I input the database into MS Access, I was able to print an entity relationship diagram of the entire database.


Internship Journal entry 2

My internship with EMR (Electronic Medical Records) Technical Solutions provided more opportunities to practice the skills learned from my training.
I started by summarizing my supervisor’s resume to one page for the purpose of including in the unsolicited grant proposal to the Centers for Medicaid and Medicare (CMS). The task took over 3 hours since his resume is 8 pages in length. His experience is important in this grant proposal since he has worked for the federal government, managed projects and developed databases on a variety of platforms.
I continued work on the bookstore project for the Edmond Bahá’í Faith website redo. This included refining the entity relationship diagram (ERD), creating the instance chart and writing the MySQL commands to create the database tables. The ERD allowed me to communicate to my supervisor the table’s field relationships while the instance chart allowed me to communicate how the fields are defined in gaining an understanding of how the tables will store the data. Then, I created an SQL file in notepad++ to execute the CREATE TABLE commands for the database tables. The process of this SQL file executing without error meant verifying the syntax was correct. I encountered problems with the declarations of the foreign key names in the CREATE TABLE commands and was able to utilize the MySQL training in the Database Development course to create the primary and foreign keys with the proper syntax. In fact, I referred to class exercise examples to verify the accuracy of the table definitions.
My supervisor and I made a trip to “the div” in Edmond to meet with Executive Director Lindsey Miller to inquire on establishing an Electronic Medical Records User’s Group meeting. I was responsible for locating a Tuesday or Thursday that is free on their calendar for the next few months and to write a very short narrative to describe the meeting that would be placed on the calendar. These meetings will take place on the second Tuesday beginning March 13th at 6:30pm at “the div”.
The cloud-based technology solution that EMR Technical Solutions is providing will require hiring manpower in the weeks and months to come. Therefore, the company is interested hiring interns from Francis Tuttle Technology Center and other educational institutions to accomplish specific tasks including computer programming (server-side programming) and administrative office (creating a table of contents, index and glossary for the grant proposal). I set up appointments with the computer programming instructor, Mr. Dunbar, and the administrative office instructor, Ms. Wilson, so that my supervisor could meet with them about hiring interns.
Then, I downloaded and installed XAMPP and Drupal on the Edmond Bahá’í Center’s desktop computer.

EMR Technical Solutions – Internship Journal 1/20/12, 22.5 hours

This journal entry documents my work experience beginning on 12/23/12 and ending on 1/20/12.

A project for which I am participating involves writing a grant proposal to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid (CMS) to fund a test case for implementing cloud-based technology to store a patient’s health information to allow that information to be exchanged between providers and the patient. This will keep the information in one place reducing the need for multiple tests on the patient and thereby streamlining the process of sharing information between primary care physicians, specialists and the patient. This will take place in a 16 county region in north east North Carolina with approximately 20,000 patients where progress in their health can be monitored over a three-year period.
This process involves hiring college students to initially establish a relationship with the patients to gather their health information and enter into the cloud-based technology via a web application (to be created) and to work in a call center to answer questions and provide assistance.
Before writing the database for this project, my first project is to redo the website for the Bahá’í Faith community of Edmond, OK. And one of its features will be an online book store so that local members can search for and purchase books and other items. A MySQL data base will store an array of relevant information including: publishers, product, primary author, product type, delivery option (pickup or mail), member information, orders, order detail and tables indicating the progress members have made with the Ruhi study circle curriculum. There is already a website for the Bahá’í Faith to sell books and other items online; a national website for the Bahá’í Distribution Book service which uses an MS Excel spreadsheet to store the items sold. After viewing the source of the website, I located this spreadsheet and downloaded the file to my local machine. After examining its contents I gained an understanding of the data types and character widths of its contents.
Then, I created a five field table to test reading data from the spreadsheet. I looked on-line and located command-line MySQL commands in which to place in a script file to automate this process. However, I was only able to read in the first record. And with a loop, it would continue to read in the first record of the spread sheet multiple times. Therefore, I reached a dead end with this aspect of the project and will pick up this task at a later time.
On a side note, with the databases I created for previous class projects, I was not able to delete a record from one table so that its corresponding record would delete from other tables for which they are linked via primary keys. This was due to the absence of the CASCADE attribute with the declaration of the database tables. Therefore, I created database tables with the CASCADE attribute and the test case worked as expected.
The next step was to create the entity relationship diagram (ERD) for the proposed book store project. I began with the ERD from the bookstore class project in the Database Development course. I consulted with my supervisor on the requirements for the database. And with his advice, I created the ERD in MS Excel.
EMRTS is laying groundwork so that the cloud-based technology can be implemented in rural parts of Oklahoma. This involves creating partnerships with universities. My supervisor and I drove to Langston University to meet with Physics and Electronics Technology faculty to discuss the options of hosting when the technology and cloud-based technology comes to Oklahoma and to involve college students in meeting with patients and working in the call center.

Anger Management

Have you ever had a bad day and expressed anger to a friend, family member or colleague? We have, at one point or another, felt dissatisfied at how a situation has occurred. The important thing to know is that it can have negative associations that can scar relationships with others. And in the workplace, anger can cause tension that would take time to resolve. Anger is a natural emotion. But it is how one deals with anger that determines how they would relate to others. In any occupation, one will always deal with people. And one may work with others who have a similar or opposite personality type.
In the web design and development profession, there are situations that can cause stress: collaboration on design, disagreement on technical issues and meeting approaching deadlines. How can one overcome anger? One possible solution is to first make sure that one’s health is not compromised. That is, verifying that one has the proper diet with adequate exercise and sleep. Someone who drinks a lot of caffeine or sugary foods and deprives themselves of sleep can be more irritable and sensitive to issues in the workplace than someone who would be well rested and reduces the aforementioned dietary practice. In such cases, people would be more relaxed to handle stress and relate to others.


Compassion can be as simple as taking the time to help others in need. Examples include helping an elderly person out of the car, showing that you care by listening when someone shares a concern and taking the time to be friendly even when it isn’t expected. In the event of working with professionals for the website design and development process, there are many situations that occur including consultation and collaboration for team project members. These are important in maintaining a positive work environment. And the benefits of a positive work environment are good morale and a higher rate of production. The process of doing work for others, whether they be clients, project managers, supervisors or co-workers, compassion yields itself to these relationships. Compassion is the practice of being considerate when having the attitude of asking “have you considered trying this?” or stating “I applied procedure A to no avail until it worked with procedure B.” With the process of building websites for clients, compassion is very important. One can apply compassion with many aspects of client relations including: listening to clients’ needs, presenting material, training, billing, legal issues and support. This can also include going the extra mile to not meet but exceed clients’ expectations.

My Job Shadow Experience

Today, I spent the morning job shadowing with Francis Tuttle Technology Center web designer Lex Meyer. This was fulfilling since there were opportunities to ask questions, see resource websites and obtain advice – invaluable information to a student embarking on a career as a web professional.

During this time, a desktop support person arrived to fix an outstanding problem … the VM, or virtual machine, on the web designer’s Macintosh. The VM allows the designer to open a Windows XP environment for testing the website on the Internet Explorer browser.

I had the opportunity to add to further my knowledge of CMSs (content management systems).  Many of the functionalities that web professionals need for building websites include: forums, blogs, photo galleries and ecommerce to name a few.  And with the vast array of CMSs, they are categorized by the features for which each are best suited.  The website lists CMSs by category for the functionality each is known. For instance, sites that are good for blogging are WordPress and Tumblr, for forums – PHPBB, ecommerce – Opencart and for a good all-in-one content management system, there is Joomla. The CMS, Cushy, can be integrated into a website built from scratch by inserting a simple embed section of code allowing another party to update the content.

Other tips I learned included use of the site allowing designers to check whether their code is mobile friendly for non-smart mobile devices.  And the fact that the FTP application Filezilla will allow one to edit files stored on the server.  The organization currently uses a CMS compatible with the software that manages student records.  However, the organization plans to change to a new CMS.  The web designer updates the site every 1-2 years.

I learned some new features with Adobe Photoshop: Merging and Linking layers. These are used to group several layers moved together to, perhaps, paste into another file to save as a JPG.  But one difference includes that one cannot edit text with merged layers like one can with linked layers.

Windows and Macintosh computers each have a built-in screen capture feature.  For Windows Vista, press Function+PrtScrn to place screen capture on the clipboard to paste into a program for editing.  For Macintosh, press Command-Shift+3 (full screen capture) or 4 (active screen capture).

My job shadowing experience with Lex Meyer was very educational.  I learned new concepts in addition to new ways to implement other technologies into my work.


Diversity means many things including accepting people regardless of their race, culture or differences to awareness of an elderly or disabled person’s accessibility needs to being global minded. Have you ever known a foreign exchange student who became your friend or volunteered with international students to help them acclimate to a new culture? As a form of diversity, this can be a wonderful learning opportunity. Not only would the international student learn something about you, but you will learn something about them and their culture. This takes patience, in some cases, depending on their fluency, realizing they may not speak the domestic language easily requiring more time on your part.

The internet allows global communication between people on opposite parts of the globe as if they were in the same town. And one could likely have friends who read, write, speak and read your language, but also do the same for their native language (e.g., Hebrew, Persian, Chinese, Arabic, German, French, etc.). And being able to identify a written language helps one to know about the world in which they live. The United Nations website ( provides the option of displaying content in one of six languages – Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Russian and Spanish which is helpful for site visitors from various languages.