South by Southwest day 1

My first day at South by Southwest was a success.  Today I met people from nearly every continent on the planet.  It is amazing the see the global reach of this festival.  As a “Newbie” I became acclimated to the SXSW culture.  And after speaking with others, the experience of being turned away from a breakout session due to a venue reaching full capacity is more or less the norm.  If you really want to attend a particular breakout session, arriving 20 or 30 minutes may not be early enough.   You might be more successful arriving an hour earlier.  But there is a silver lining if this happens …  the fact that at another time, you might be standing line next to some one who is a speaker, or the product development manager for a key technology in the industry –  allowing the opportunity to learn something new.

Today I attended a mobile developer meet up.   And the environment was very cool.  Participants gathered while being encouraged to mingle … then move to another person’s table the, meet new people.  Tell them what you do, and give them an opportunity to say what they do.

During this meetup, I met the representative for a content strategy company who is looking for developers.  Not for relocation, per se, but for offering an affordable solution for their clients.

I was approached by a venture capitalist looking to provide funding for a new business.  Also, I was asked to play a native app game targeting an 8 year old children.  The developer was watching to see how I played the game (what options I chose to make the cow’s milk squirt and knock over the barn silos.) Then, I was able to meet the development team of a company who created a iOS native app that is a personal organizer.  While this is in the alpha testing phase, the app uses hash tags as the database primary keys.

I look forward to the days to come at this conference before being greeted by the neighborhood pitbull upon arriving home.


2 thoughts on “South by Southwest day 1

  1. You really have no idea how jealous I am right now. I’ve been keeping an ever-watchful eye on my RSS feeds from Engadget, Wired, Codemonkey, LifeHacker, etc. to get a glimpse of the awesomeness that is SXSW. I hope you’re having an excellent time! I totally wish I was there… haha

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