PixlCrewSRDC project submittal for Francis Tuttle’s PixlFest Branding Project Collaboration

In the course of the PixlFest project, our team (PixlCrew Susan, Reiko, Daniel and Carl) is proud to present a branding message for the Third Annual event at Francis Tuttle’s Rockwell Campus. We have created a logo that reflects the image we aim to achieve, catching the eye with an original font superimposed on a stock pixel image. We have further communicated our brand with a mobile website, flyer and single color version of our logo for the t-shirt design. Please refer to the additional references below:

• Mobile website: http://danielklineweb.com/pixlfest/index.php
• Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8xpZhbNvOGw

Additional Notes:
• Website was designed and tested on iOS smart phones only
• Use of stock image [for logo background] has been granted by http://www.bigstockphoto.com
• Use of [original] PixlFest font has been granted by Susan Sayarath.

• Brushes and additional font part of Adobe PhotoShop package.

Our team includes the following members:

Logo Designer
Susan Sayarath, Graphic Communication
Bio: Utilizing the skills for which I am learning a Francis Tuttle, I would like to pursue a career in fashion photography. In doing so, I want people to see my perspective of visual surroundings.

Flyer Designer
Reiko Hiroya, Graphic Communication
Bio: I am learning skills in the Graphic Communication program at Francis Tuttle. I would like to expand my networking skills to ultimately become a professional photographer.

Mobile Web Designer/ Narrative Author / Project Manager
Daniel Kline
As a Web Design and Development student nearing completion of the program, I am working as a freelance web developer. I stay abreast of the changes in technology and seek to expand my career as a freelancer. http://www.danielklineweb.com

Video/Audio Producer
Carl White


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