Honesty and Integrity

Have you ever met someone who told you they would do something, and when the time came, they didn’t do it? This is an example where integrity is not at work. Integrity is a noble practice. If someone tells you they will do something, they definitely will do it. And when this person repeats this practice on multiple occasions, they will earn a reputation of having integrity. People know they can count on this person. You would be honest in telling them whether you can do [a given task] or not. This is a good reputation to have. People know they can count on you to say what you mean. If not, you would be practicing hypocrisy.

For example, if a web developer makes an agreement with a client to provide website assistance for 30 days. The client would expect that to be the case. If, for example, the client would not need assistance for the first 29 days; but then on the 30th day, a problem arises. If the web developer made this agreement with the client, then their reputation is at stake if they do not honor that request on the 30th day.

It is good for the developer to put all likely scenarios in writing and have the client sign so that all anticipated problems will be accounted for.

Suppose a client hires you to redesign their website. Their customer base consists of men and women. You learn that the client wants a female touch in the design (i.e., pink borders or perhaps flashing logos). Knowing this design would likely alienate there male customer base from visiting the website, there are ways you could practice integrity. For instance, you could suggest that the client ask a segment of their customer base to critique the mockup design. If the client chooses not to do such a thing, you may have to be frank and tell them about this potential loss [of male customers].


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