Internship Journal 5

This time period involved more experimentation with Drupal to get the “Pages” module working. I consulted and worked on the Edmond Baha’i Faith site map. This process involved clarifying in more specific terms the functionality of each page. First of all, this design is a proposal to the Local Spiritual Assembly of the Baha’is of Edmond. It includes having not only a public site but also a member site for Baha’is to use as a work area. While each member would have a login account, content on the member site would not be available on the public site. The member site would consist of a community archive page where members would upload historical content (text, photos, timeline, videos and mp3 files) about the Baha’i Faith in Edmond and the Greater Oklahoma City area. And an authorized site user would propose to nominate specific content to place on the public site. And the member profile page would allow each member to opt in having part of their personal information available for viewing by other members. There would be a “calendar/news” page where the secretary would post community news. And respectively, the manager of the monthly calendar would post the calendar events as well. Before implementation, The Spiritual Assembly would have to approve this proposed design and functionality.

I also worked on the illustrations for the grant proposal to implement the Electronic Medical Records system mentioned in earlier journal entries. In doing so, I located and edited clip art indicating a pharmacy and loaded this into Photoshop in order to change its color so that it could be part of a health information exchange illustration indicating communication [in the cloud] between the Patient Portal, providers, payers, Lab, hospital and pharmacist.


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