Communication 2012

Communication is the process of sending a message from one person to another. This can be done with the spoken word, written word, visual imagery (fine art, photography, print advertisement, film, television, on-line video, audio), symbolic expression or sign language. Communication is the key to allow someone to do a variety of things such as: understand how someone feels, teaching students, inquiring on a question or offering an opinion or advice.

The internet, one of the primary communication forms of the modern era, can pay homage to Samuel Morse, the inventor of the telegraph who, on May 23rd, 1844, transmitted the first official electronic message “What hath God Wrought” between Washington DC and Baltimore.

Communication is a critical aspect in the business world. With the ease of access to the internet, one can easily communicate with others using a variety of web-based technologies to do a variety of tasks including managing projects with Basecamp and WebEx web applications.

Basecamp project management tool allows project team members to communicate in a variety of ways including: assigning tasks, setting calendar deadline dates, sharing files, modifying documents and participating in chat sessions.

WebEx allows members to attend virtual meetings with a separation of several thousand miles between each. Suppose, for example, member A in New Dehli, India, assumes controls over member B’s computer accessing files and navigating as if they were physically located at member B’s computer. That is, member A would offer a demonstration or provide technical assistance for member B on their computer. This is an example of the role that technology has had in the advancement of communication.


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