Internship Journal 4

This week involved a variety of tasks including experimenting with Drupal themes and modules and drawing illustrations for the grant proposal to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid (CMS).
I searched the on-line Drupal community to learn of a local users-group chapter meet-up next week for which I will attend to reinforce my knowledge of the content management system. Since my responsibilities are to create websites using Drupal, I will accomplish many tasks including the creation of pages with menu tabs, registering users, changing the design and layout and importing a raw MySQL database. I downloaded the Marinelli theme and experimented with creating pages with menu tabs. I also downloaded the Ctools and Views modules to assist in creating a page layout. I encountered a problem while creating basic page content in that it looks like a blog entry. My goal was to modify the layout so that the page looks as a static page. I can remove the cookie crumb trail and the ability for users to post comments which partially solves the problem. But with respect to creating a page that simply looks like static content, more work needs to be done.
With respect for the grant proposal to CMS, I created illustrations to accompany the narrative. The task included beginning with a North Carolina counties map and modifying the image with Photoshop to highlight the 16 counties in the state’s northeast region. In doing so, I imported the image into Photoshop and removed the other counties by first using the dropper tool to selecting the background color so that I could paint over the non-relevant counties with this color. After painting over the non-relevant counties with the background color, the entire image will highlight the 16 county region of interest. See the image above.
Then, I created a patient portal image to illustrate the content relevant to the patient for which the patient portal would store. The portal will store: calendar of appointments, medical history, health information, medical records and payer information. I also created an illustration indicating the Health Information Exchange (HIE), while used as a switch, would exchange information between the patient portal and the providers and between the payer and providers.


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