Internship Journal 3

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid (CMS), a branch of the federal government, submitted a call for proposals for sharing medical images through a patient-controlled exchange system. EMR Technical Solutions has conceptualized the implementation of this process. In order to assist in the visual presentation of the grant proposal to CMS, I was given the responsibility to create illustrations to help convey the points made in the proposal. I studied the “Statement of Work” document provided by CMS to gain an understanding of their language in requesting proposals for contractors to design, develop and launch the patient-centered imaging exchange systems.
I was given an account for PuTTY, a Linux shell environment where I will be creating the MySQL database for the Edmond Bahá’í Faith member website. This was provided by a company colleague in California. I logged onto this shell environment and experimented with Linux commands to begin the process of working with files and how they are organized in that environment.
I edited the EMR User’s Groups narrative for its display on the calendar at the (div). I installed XAMPP and with the help of my supervisor, installed Drupal on the Bahá’í center desktop computer.
I continued working on the bookstore project database. In working with my supervisor, I added additional tables to indicate courses that members have taken: Ruhi Institute study circle curriculum courses. There are eight in total. And this portion of the database will track these courses. MS Access allows one to input database tables and their relationships for illustrative purposes. I input the database into MS Access, I was able to print an entity relationship diagram of the entire database.


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