Internship Journal entry 2

My internship with EMR (Electronic Medical Records) Technical Solutions provided more opportunities to practice the skills learned from my training.
I started by summarizing my supervisor’s resume to one page for the purpose of including in the unsolicited grant proposal to the Centers for Medicaid and Medicare (CMS). The task took over 3 hours since his resume is 8 pages in length. His experience is important in this grant proposal since he has worked for the federal government, managed projects and developed databases on a variety of platforms.
I continued work on the bookstore project for the Edmond Bahá’í Faith website redo. This included refining the entity relationship diagram (ERD), creating the instance chart and writing the MySQL commands to create the database tables. The ERD allowed me to communicate to my supervisor the table’s field relationships while the instance chart allowed me to communicate how the fields are defined in gaining an understanding of how the tables will store the data. Then, I created an SQL file in notepad++ to execute the CREATE TABLE commands for the database tables. The process of this SQL file executing without error meant verifying the syntax was correct. I encountered problems with the declarations of the foreign key names in the CREATE TABLE commands and was able to utilize the MySQL training in the Database Development course to create the primary and foreign keys with the proper syntax. In fact, I referred to class exercise examples to verify the accuracy of the table definitions.
My supervisor and I made a trip to “the div” in Edmond to meet with Executive Director Lindsey Miller to inquire on establishing an Electronic Medical Records User’s Group meeting. I was responsible for locating a Tuesday or Thursday that is free on their calendar for the next few months and to write a very short narrative to describe the meeting that would be placed on the calendar. These meetings will take place on the second Tuesday beginning March 13th at 6:30pm at “the div”.
The cloud-based technology solution that EMR Technical Solutions is providing will require hiring manpower in the weeks and months to come. Therefore, the company is interested hiring interns from Francis Tuttle Technology Center and other educational institutions to accomplish specific tasks including computer programming (server-side programming) and administrative office (creating a table of contents, index and glossary for the grant proposal). I set up appointments with the computer programming instructor, Mr. Dunbar, and the administrative office instructor, Ms. Wilson, so that my supervisor could meet with them about hiring interns.
Then, I downloaded and installed XAMPP and Drupal on the Edmond Bahá’í Center’s desktop computer.


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