EMR Technical Solutions – Internship Journal 1/20/12, 22.5 hours

This journal entry documents my work experience beginning on 12/23/12 and ending on 1/20/12.

A project for which I am participating involves writing a grant proposal to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid (CMS) to fund a test case for implementing cloud-based technology to store a patient’s health information to allow that information to be exchanged between providers and the patient. This will keep the information in one place reducing the need for multiple tests on the patient and thereby streamlining the process of sharing information between primary care physicians, specialists and the patient. This will take place in a 16 county region in north east North Carolina with approximately 20,000 patients where progress in their health can be monitored over a three-year period.
This process involves hiring college students to initially establish a relationship with the patients to gather their health information and enter into the cloud-based technology via a web application (to be created) and to work in a call center to answer questions and provide assistance.
Before writing the database for this project, my first project is to redo the website for the Bahá’í Faith community of Edmond, OK. And one of its features will be an online book store so that local members can search for and purchase books and other items. A MySQL data base will store an array of relevant information including: publishers, product, primary author, product type, delivery option (pickup or mail), member information, orders, order detail and tables indicating the progress members have made with the Ruhi study circle curriculum. There is already a website for the Bahá’í Faith to sell books and other items online; a national website for the Bahá’í Distribution Book service which uses an MS Excel spreadsheet to store the items sold. After viewing the source of the website, I located this spreadsheet and downloaded the file to my local machine. After examining its contents I gained an understanding of the data types and character widths of its contents.
Then, I created a five field table to test reading data from the spreadsheet. I looked on-line and located command-line MySQL commands in which to place in a script file to automate this process. However, I was only able to read in the first record. And with a loop, it would continue to read in the first record of the spread sheet multiple times. Therefore, I reached a dead end with this aspect of the project and will pick up this task at a later time.
On a side note, with the databases I created for previous class projects, I was not able to delete a record from one table so that its corresponding record would delete from other tables for which they are linked via primary keys. This was due to the absence of the CASCADE attribute with the declaration of the database tables. Therefore, I created database tables with the CASCADE attribute and the test case worked as expected.
The next step was to create the entity relationship diagram (ERD) for the proposed book store project. I began with the ERD from the bookstore class project in the Database Development course. I consulted with my supervisor on the requirements for the database. And with his advice, I created the ERD in MS Excel.
EMRTS is laying groundwork so that the cloud-based technology can be implemented in rural parts of Oklahoma. This involves creating partnerships with universities. My supervisor and I drove to Langston University to meet with Physics and Electronics Technology faculty to discuss the options of hosting when the technology and cloud-based technology comes to Oklahoma and to involve college students in meeting with patients and working in the call center.


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