Compassion can be as simple as taking the time to help others in need. Examples include helping an elderly person out of the car, showing that you care by listening when someone shares a concern and taking the time to be friendly even when it isn’t expected. In the event of working with professionals for the website design and development process, there are many situations that occur including consultation and collaboration for team project members. These are important in maintaining a positive work environment. And the benefits of a positive work environment are good morale and a higher rate of production. The process of doing work for others, whether they be clients, project managers, supervisors or co-workers, compassion yields itself to these relationships. Compassion is the practice of being considerate when having the attitude of asking “have you considered trying this?” or stating “I applied procedure A to no avail until it worked with procedure B.” With the process of building websites for clients, compassion is very important. One can apply compassion with many aspects of client relations including: listening to clients’ needs, presenting material, training, billing, legal issues and support. This can also include going the extra mile to not meet but exceed clients’ expectations.


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