Diversity means many things including accepting people regardless of their race, culture or differences to awareness of an elderly or disabled person’s accessibility needs to being global minded. Have you ever known a foreign exchange student who became your friend or volunteered with international students to help them acclimate to a new culture? As a form of diversity, this can be a wonderful learning opportunity. Not only would the international student learn something about you, but you will learn something about them and their culture. This takes patience, in some cases, depending on their fluency, realizing they may not speak the domestic language easily requiring more time on your part.

The internet allows global communication between people on opposite parts of the globe as if they were in the same town. And one could likely have friends who read, write, speak and read your language, but also do the same for their native language (e.g., Hebrew, Persian, Chinese, Arabic, German, French, etc.). And being able to identify a written language helps one to know about the world in which they live. The United Nations website (www.un.org) provides the option of displaying content in one of six languages – Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Russian and Spanish which is helpful for site visitors from various languages.


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