Choices for Professionals

Professionals in the work force encounter choices. Be it the techniques, technologies or styles, to name a few, professionals make choices. To perform a specific task, one would choose the proper tool from their arsenal of trade tools. For the photographer, it may be the exposure or camera type to capture an image – fine artists, the medium to express their work: charcoal, pencil or oil – architects, the texture type on an exterior wall – musicians, the song choice – teachers, the book, storyboard, game or exercise to teach a lesson or carpenters, a jigsaw or hacksaw to cut wood.

Like other professions, web professionals encounter choices. These can include surveying the demographics to target a specific audience to justify design, color scheme and typography. Will the background consist of original or stock photography? Will the corners be rounded – with shadows? How about gradients? These choices can extend with the use of classes or ids, the use of plug-ins or creation of original code. How will a sprite behave when one hovers? Will the hover cause a color change while the image is stationary or will the image remain the same but move slightly?

As one can see, there are several choices professionals encounter on a daily basis. And the choices provide professionals with preferential solving problems methods.


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