Workplace Ethics

The practice of workplace ethics is important in today’s society. They allow industries, non-profits and government agencies to embrace measures such as fraud awareness, legal compliance and disclosure of wrongdoing and whistleblower protection. Even though a very large percentage of employees in an organization practice ethics in the workplace, these practices help prevent violations by catching the few individuals in organizations that actually are crooks.

Workplace ethics have to do with many things as many factors come into play. First of all, hiring good people is key, since one cannot teach ethics. Effective decision-makers of ethics in the work place would recognize human biology (the selfish gene), emotions, as drivers of action and organizational culture as key to ethical decisions. And many virtues come into play with ethics: honesty, cooperation, communication, kindness and simply “doing what is right.”

Effective communication, between individuals and between the organization and individuals, can strengthen relationships, resolve problems and achieve shared objectives contributing to workplace ethics.

In the field of web development, ethics have a definite place. For one, it is doing what you say you will do when communicating with clients, colleagues, project managers and supervisors. If someone said one thing while intentionally doing something else, they would not be practicing workplace ethics.


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