Respect is an attitude of caring about people and treating them with dignity and valuing ourselves as well as others.

What is an example where respect? If someone is a professional, and we consult with them, they know what they are talking about. That is, their advice has merit. If we were to question their advice, on the other hand, we would not be practicing respect to that individual. If you have ever provided advice to someone for a topic that you have knowledge about and someone does not value that advice, then you could say that the person does not respect you.

Respect has a place in our personal and professional lives. In the field of Web Development, professionals communicate through consultation, sharing ideas and offering advice. This may involve consulting with a client who shares their ideas or specifics for website. It is our job, as developers, to be open to their needs and, knowing how to implement their ideas into the website’s framework. This implementation may be unfamiliar to some. But when we keep client’s concern at hand, we are showing respect.

The same situation would relate in the work environment. That is, relating and communicating with co-workers. When asking a question of a colleague, it is important to be patient in the delivery of our question while being mindful that when we approach them, they may not, at the time, be able to consult – perhaps due to being in the middle a task where an interruption may derail their train of thought or they may be already meeting with someone. If either of these situations occur, it may be necessary to ask for a more appropriate time to consult. This is another example of respect.

In closing, if we respect ourselves, others will respect us.


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