Communication is a means to exchange messages between parties. It can as simple as a mother talking to her infant son, school children researching green initiatives on the internet, college professors giving feedback to students’ assignments via email or social networks, professionals communicating on forums, blogs, or even your spouse sending a text message asking you to buy organic vegetables on the way home from work. These are key to all aspects of life and occupation. If people do not communicate, how can things get done; or, how can we serve others? Communication is vital to our everyday lives and ever increasing electronic communication in today’s society. This can include one-to-one or one-to-many. The mediums for communication include: websites, forums, texting, email, message boards, social networking, and blog posts.
With respect to broadcasting, there is television, cable TV, radio, magazine and newspaper print media, where a single message or messages can reach a broad audience. Now with the advent of the Internet there are broadcast capabilities with YouTube and Social media where users can exchange information easily to a broad or limited audience with a few keystrokes.
Social network etiquette or netiquette is very important because what you say and do on-line reflects who you are. In fact, 1 in 5 employers look on-line to gather information on prospective employees.
One may want to share web design or development ideas with team members or colleagues in the field. Communication is very important when talking to people in the workplace or with prospective clients. It is important for professionals in the development community to share ideas and communicate. The aspects of communication in this age of electronic gadgetry with smart phones and smaller computers, the web design and development community is continually updating with new technologies.
Where is the balance? When solving a problem, too much communication, over a period of time, may seem redundant where time spent communicating could be spent on the work itself. Consequently, if there is not enough communication, in relation to solving a problem or working on a project, a larger problem could result. And in some cases, if the extra time to communicate took place, perhaps at regular intervals, the project in question would likely succeed to its fullest potential.


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