Take Charge

I had an interesting journey exploring the Web Design and Development industry. First, I stopped for a visit at the Design Meltdown website where one can order The Web Designer’s Idea Book. This resource appears to very helpful providing inspiration with web page design. The author also shares a question in how to leverage inspiration without plagiarizing or stealing someone else’s ideas. This is topic worth further investigation.

I spent more time exploring the CSS Zen Garden examining the layout and appearance of various web page designs. The home page’s appearance of the lotus flower, Asian calligraphy, and soft earth-tone colors offers a tranquil feeling. I examined the HTML and CSS and learned some new things in addition to clarifying other topics. The selection bar was consistently 10px from the right browser window margin regardless of the width one sizes the browser window. There are selector rules that, depending on the syntax, assign CSS commands in different ways.

I also learned how to use the acronym HTML command used for abbreviating acronyms while allowing a screen reader to know the definition.


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