Successful Teams Produce Successful Projects

Have you ever worked on a project with others to achieve a common goal? Well, this is where the practice of teamwork comes in. One can see that patience and humility are big parts of teamwork since the success of any team is that of the strength of each team member – measured in an individual’s ability to listen to others and honestly communicate their thoughts. Since a project can have several parts, the team can decide how to divide and assign these to individuals. I feel the topics which teams could benefit follows:

1) Establish objective
2) Brainstorm and organize ideas
3) Adapt ideas into separate assignments
4) Delegate assignments to team members
5) Establish time-frame
6) Determine frequency of meetings

We can see that this relates quite well as the creation of a web site is a team effort. Teamwork is a practice that applies to many professions. And one could ask the question – does the team operate as a well-oiled machine – where all of the functions are predictable? Or, does it operate organically with unexpected occurrences that ultimately result in the team completing the project? In either case, I believe that a team’s functionality differs from organization to organization. However, the core functions (mentioned above), in my opinion, are essential.


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