Trustworthiness, the same as honesty, is the most important virtue of humankind.  Why is truthfulness important?  First of all, it conveys the integrity of someone’s character.  One can understand the lack of desire in relating to people who cannot be trusted.  When we hire someone to work for us: whether it’s a mechanic to work on our car, a contractor to remodel our home, or a financial advisor assisting us on a retirement plan, we want to be told the truth.  Therefore, the representatives from such organizations have a responsibility to tell us, the customers, the truth.

This situation is the same for me, as a student learning the profession of web design and development.  I have a responsibility to follow the school policies that are expected of me.  And, when I go to work in the field, I will encounter customers, employers, and clients.  And they will expect me to be trustworthy.

When relating to others, it is good to have a reputation to know that they will trust what you have told them.

In conclusion, one cannot go wrong practicing honesty and trustworthiness.  I would like to close with a quote by Booker T. Washington: “Few things can help an individual more than to place responsibility on him, and to let him know that you trust him.”


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