Taking Stock

My goals are to be a professional website designer/developer.

I would be most interested in: setting-up domain names, merchant accounts, store fronts to allow credit card transactions, and display forms (applications, etc.) that a user can fill out and submit electronically.  I would also like to set up pages to display photo galleries, Google maps feature, and the Google search feature.  Additionally, I want to add audio and video clips and consult with artists for visual design needs.

I have many skills that are helpful in the creation of web pages from creative and technical standpoints.  With respect to the creative aspect, I have experience with creative photography, photo editing skills, desk-top publishing to create advertisement flyers, website maintenance to include activating domain name, utilizing prewritten script to prevent copying of images, creating links, pages, posting photos, writing text descriptions of not-for-profit organization and events to post on website.  Additionally, I have an eye for detail.  And with respect to the technical aspects, I have programming experience with FORTRAN, C, BASIC, and Assembler languages and experience with configuring a database (FileMaker) to generate reports of financial figures.  Additional experience in the media field includes professional audio production and editing, and professional video production and editing.  I also have outstanding organizational skills.

I will need to learn the following skills: programming in HTML, CSS, and PHP.  Additional skills will include setting up a store front and merchant account to accept credit card purchases, accessing database from website, and interactive features including: pull-down menus, scrolling photo gallery, Google Maps, and setting up mailing list.

I already have hardware and software tools for web design:  two Windows Vista laptop computers and Adobe Photoshop Elements.

I would eventually like to purchase Adobe Creative Suite 5.


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