There are choices that web industry professionals encounter.  These include website creators – designers and developers.  Many facets of the economy in today’s society can tip their hat to these professionals since the use of websites on the internet has, in recent years, changed the way we conduct business and communicate in the areas of:  education, commerce, research, worship, arts and entertainment, and social networking, to name a few.

What are the choices faced with web creators?  One could ask the question: What is the style of artwork and photography?  What are the colors for links, boarders, and text?  Did the creators plan how the website was to look before creating the layout?  Did they determine the big picture during the planning process?  Did they think about ways to implement future additions to the site?  These are, of course, issues that would affect the visual appearance and the look and feel of the website.  And one could ask an additional question: Did the creator pay careful attention in writing the code and scripts to make the website function as efficiently as possible?  Is information presented to the user in an easily accessible way?  Or do they have to hunt and peck to find information?  These are questions the creators must ask during the planning process.  Though it might be easier and quicker to write code relating to user interactivity to simply accomplish a task, but this may cause access to information less user friendly.  On the other hand, if the creators take into consideration the visual appearance, interactivity, and ease of use, they would write the code in a different way.

Choices come to professionals in all disciplines.  Web designers and developers face decisions during the website creation process.  And the main point is to create the website with the user in mind.  What would the user want to see after opening the site?  Is the site easy to use?  What information are they more likely to access more frequently?  Does the user have to dig into several sub pages for information, or is their query one or two levels down from the main page?  Taking all of these questions into consideration is important while looking at the big picture during the planning process.  And, as a result, after all the possibilities have been considered, the user may, after publishing the website, be very likely to have the best website that a designer, developer or team can create.


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