Hello World!

The aspects of the web that interest me most include many things:  instant access to information, instant world-wide communication, ability for people in developing countries to access information, and improvements with services, finance, shopping, and entertainment.  Up to approximately 1995, researching a topic required going to the library to gather information.  However, there is now a great deal of research material available on-line with access to educational institutions allowing one to research from practically anywhere; whether a large metro area or a remote rural region.  With respect to instant communication, a surfer in Uganda or Australia can send a message, photo, video, or audio clip to a friend in Alaska or Japan for the purpose of sharing information, or to simply say “hello.”  And with the new One laptop computer, in use by rural areas of Africa, users can access the net through wireless communication with this solar powered device.  Additionally, it is easy to learn about a company or organization that can provide a service.  Before the advent of the internet, when needing to learn about an insurance company’s customer policy options, for example, one would have to call the organization, and receive a packet in the mail for review.  But now, the organization would detail their policy options on their website thereby saving the time for receiving the packet in the mail since one can review the information instantaneously.  Access to financial institutions has also become more streamlined with on-line bank account access and investing.  And shopping for merchandise has become easier since one can simply order what they need with the click of a few selections on a warehouse merchant seller’s website storefront.  And our culture of entertainment has changed now that there is no longer the need to rent disk media to watch a movie.  Instead, one can simply watch the content on-line through a purchased on-line movie supplier.


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